About Me

Who am I ?

My name is Diego, I’m passionate about coding and technology, I like reading, listening to music, sharing with friends and family, enjoying good food, and a great beer. I have created this blog in order to share my experience as a web developer, more specific with JavaScript technology and frameworks related to it.


I am a development engineer with around 5 years of experience working for different clients from different economic sectors, I have had the opportunity to participate in all steps of the software development cycle, I am always trying that all customer requirements are met with good quality standards.


  • Disney – Parks / Cruise line / Cast Alerts
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Swiss RE – Reinsurance
  • Governments Administration
  • Grupo AVAL Banks
  • Colombian Central Bank

For the technical knowledge side, I have worked with different JavaScript frameworks and also with server-side logic developments, the following are my strengths in terms of programming technologies:


  • JavaScript
  • Angular JS / Angular +2
  • React
  • Css / Linters / Preprocessor 
  • Unit Testing / Jest / Mocha


  • Node JS / Express
  • MongoDB / mongoose
  • PostgreSQL
  • Unit Testing


In my experience as a programmer, I have learned many things that I often forget and another hand, I like to share the knowledge even though it is little I hope and can inspire other people to join the world of programming or strengthen their technical knowledge, that is the reason why I opened this page.